Right People
Everyone Will Benefit

Without the right people, Pumpkin Hollow’s copper, gold, silver and iron would remain underground and unused. A one billion dollar project, Pumpkin Hollow requires thousands of people in dozens of disciplines to ensure that the mine will operate safely and efficiently while protecting the local environment.

Key members of the management team bring diverse experience to the project. With their depth of experience and the diverse skill set, Pumpkin Hollow is sure to benefit Yerington.

Meet the People of Nevada Copper


Giulio Bonifacio – President and CEO
Robert McKnight – Executive Vice President
Timothy Arnold – Vice President, Operations
Greg French – Vice President Exploration & Project Development
Timothy M. Dyhr – Vice President, Environment & External Relations
Timothy Dake – General Manager, Project Construction
Community Leaders – Features Nathan Ruetten, Youth of the Year
Skilled Workers – Jobs at, and supporting, Pumpkin Hollow
Vendors – Contracted Firms

Giulio Bonifacio
President and CEO

DSCN2355 (3)One of the major challenges in the mining industry is securing capital to build and operate successful mines.

Giulio Bonifacio has over 26 years in senior executive positions in the mining industry building and financing mining and resource companies. Bonifacio is the founder, president and CEO of Nevada Copper Corporation and has a successful track record of raising equity and project capital for development projects of merit. He is a professional accountant with extensive experience and knowledge in areas of corporate finance, securities matters, project finance and mergers and acquisitions. Bonifacio has held senior executive roles with Getty Resources Limited, TOTAL S.A. and Vengold Inc.

Bonifacio’s mantra to his executive team is to build the highest quality organization, which in turn builds a quality mine. It is a success-driven mentality that will assure that this time is the Right Time for Pumpkin Hollow, and that it is built and operated the Right Way both for Nevada Copper and the community of Yerington.

Robert McKnight
Executive Vice President & CFO

BobMcKnightBob McKnight knows how to build an organization, secure the Right People and design a mine the Right Way to be successful. This includes selection and oversight of key management staff and the myriad of consultants and contractors that will be needed to build a billion-dollar mine.

McKnight has over 30 years of experience in the resource business and a wealth of knowledge in project finance, mergers and acquisitions, feasibility studies, and valuations. McKnight has held senior roles with Brascan Resources, Wright Engineers, Getty Resources, TOTAL S.A., Endeavour Financial, Pincock Allen & Holt Ltd., AMEC, Yukon Zinc, and, most recently, Selwyn Resources. McKnight is a graduate of the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University with degrees in geological engineering and business administration.

Timothy M. Dyhr
Vice President, Environment & External Relations

TDyhrTim Dyhr has 35 years of experience in mining, leading multidisciplinary teams to successfully permit copper and gold mines in Nevada since 1983. He has worked on projects in Arizona, California, Washington, Montana, Wyoming, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Australia, Africa, Turkey, China and Papua New Guinea. His experience includes environmental, regulatory, land and legal affairs, as well as government, media, external stakeholder relations and public relations. He has worked as a mine site environmental manager, environmental consultant, natural resources manager, and group environmental manager for BHP Copper.

Greg French
Vice President, Senior Project Manager

BobGregGiulioShaftGreg French knows how to find the copper, gold and silver required for a successful mining operation. Exploration is a complex and expensive undertaking, and French has worked tirelessly for over five years to nearly double the mineral resources at Pumpkin Hollow and develop it adequately to support mining.

French is a geologist with over 25 years of exploration experience in the western United States and Canada. He has worked in various capacities for Homestake Mining Co., Atlas Precious Metals and Cornerstone Industrial Minerals as well as consulting for numerous junior mining companies. French has a Nevada gold discovery to his credit and extensive project development experience, including two projects taken through feasibility and production.

Community Leaders

Leaders in the Community Speak Out

In this video, local community leaders in Yerington, Nevada are interviewed to discuss the current dire economic conditions in the area and the significant economic benefits of the Nevada Copper Pumpkin Hollow Project.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Youth of the Year Award Winner
Nathan Ruetten


Nathan’s Contributions include:

  • Boys and Girls Club member for ten years.
  • Participates in the Jr. Staff/LIT program and many afterschool activities such as football, wrestling and track and field.
  • Volunteers his time working with kids in various programs and helps to set up the food banks and food drives.
  • Works as a staff member at the Take One Movie Theater and SNO Shack during the summer time.
  • Volunteered his time to help with set-up and clean-up for Yerington’s Night in the Country Concert.

Safety Manager
Mike Weaver

Nevada Copper's Safety Manager, Mike WeaverNevada Copper’s Safety Manager, Mike Weaver

Nevada Copper's Safety Manager, Mike Weaver

Captain Safety!!

Nevada Copper's Safety Manager attended the Nevada Regional Mine Rescue Competition March 10-12, 2015.

Nevada Copper’s Safety Manager Mike Weaver attended the Nevada Regional Mine Rescue Competition March 10-12, 2015.  Mine Rescue Competition BG-Draeger 4 – Mine Rescue Competition

MineRescue2015Mine Rescue Competition – Emergency First Aid


Nevada Copper’s Safety Manager, Mike Weaver: Keeping it SAFE!

Mike Weaver, Nevada Copper’s Safety Manager is a great man to have around. Mike started working for Nevada Copper on May 27, 2014 and is currently the trainer for the Nevada Copper/ Cementation USA Mine Rescue (MR) Teams. He started Mine Rescue in 1991 with Central Mine Rescue (CMR) located in the Silver Valley of North Idaho.  Mike trained CMR teams from above the Arctic Circle in Alaska to Tonopah, Nevada and the Stillwater Complex in Montana (from 1991-2010).  He also was Lead Mine Rescue trainer for Hecla – Greens Creek Mine in Alaska in 2010 and 2011 and a Mine Rescue trainer for U.S. Silver – Galena complex 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Mike holds certifications as a:

  • Mine Rescue Instructor
  • Advanced Mine Rescue Specialist
  • Confined Space Instructor (Rescue/Entry)
  • Abandon Mine Specialist
  • Dräger BG-4 (breathing apparatus)
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Rope Rescue Instructor I, II and III
  • First Aid Instructor (Basic and Advanced) and
  • ITX & MX-6 Technician (gas detection)


BG-Draeger 4

Dräger BG-4

The Dräger BG-4 supplies the wearer with safe breathing air for up to four hours in IDLH (Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health) environments. The BG-4 gives the user time in extended-duration missions. Time to target, time to get the job done and time to get back safely. Commonly referred to as a rebreather, the closed-circuit breathing apparatus removes carbon dioxide, recycling unused oxygen and supplying fresh oxygen from a cylinder.

Safety training is ongoing at the Pumpkin Hollow mine site.   Once a worker is certified on Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) training, he or she still needs to take a refresher course once a year.  Before each shift change the underground crew has a safety briefing, a pre-shift equipment inspection and a miner’s work place inspection.  Nevada Copper is committed to safety because working safely is the right way to work.  We care about our employees and feel that they deserve a safe work place and a safety culture they can embrace at work, and bring home as well.  We develop and maintain a site specific, comprehensive health and safety program. We emphasize proper implementation of our programs, and expect participation by all of our employees. We promote proactive health and safety programs and initiatives and will work towards the continuous improvement of those programs.


Rick Reviglio - Western Nevada Supply

Rick Reviglio, President & General Manager of Western Nevada Supply. Founded in 1964, the Blue Team is a product of Jack Reviglio (pictured in background picture with Rick) and Bill Higgin's dream of providing unparalled customer service.

Rick Reviglio, President & General Manager of Western Nevada Supply. Founded in 1964, the Blue Team is a product of Jack Reviglio (pictured in background picture with Rick) and Bill Higgin’s dream of providing unparalled customer service.

Rick Reviglio

Rick Reviglio


WESTERN NEVADA SUPPLY – The “BLUE TEAM” http://www.goblueteam.com/

50 years of service, Western Nevada Supply has grown into a company that serves contractors & builders in two states.  Western Nevada Supply has come to be known as the “Blue Team” as they pride themselves on the team concept.  The Blue Team was founded in 1964, a wholesale distributorship of plumbing supplies and a product of Jack Reviglio. Jack’s sons, Ted & Rick, are running the family business.

Rick Reviglio joined Western in 1992 and now leads the team in sales, inventory control, collections, finances, and customer service tools. Today, Rick is President and General Manager.

Western Nevada Supply offers a diverse line of products including plumbing, water works, HVAC, irrigation, hydronics & solar, industrial (PVF) and more.

Because of their dedication to the needs of their employees, customers and the community, the Reviglios have built a reputation of skill, integrity, reliability, and honesty. Sound management practices with loyalty to those who make it all possible have made the Blue Team one of the most successful businesses on the West Coast.

The Blue Team is a real “team player” to the Pumpkin Hollow Project.

Cashman Cat Equipment

Nevada Copper and Cashman Equipment Dropbox

Cashman-Equipment General Manager, Todd Gilligan, Regional Sales Manager, John Currie, Manager of Commercial Mining, John Pettigrew, and Mining Sales Representative, Terry Haygood

Cashman-Equipment General Manager, Todd Gilligan, Regional Sales Manager, John Currie, Manager of Commercial Mining, John Pettigrew, and Mining Sales Representative, Terry Haygood

Two Nevada based companies, Cashman Equipment and Nevada Copper, have teamed up to develop a mine equipment fleet  for Pumpkin Hollow.  Cashman Equipment has been selected to  supply Nevada Copper with specialized underground equipment to mine  the East underground ore deposits. Together, Nevada Copper and Cashman Equipment will strive to meet the highest safety standards for workers. When financing is obtained and if construction is approved by Nevada Copper’s Board, this proposed mine has the potential to bring hundreds of high paying jobs to Nevada. It will contribute to community programs such as the Boys and Girls Club. Together, Nevada Copper and Cashman Equipment – building mines, building communities, building character.

To learn more about Cashman Cat Equipment, visit their website at: CashmanEquipment.com

A Tribute to the Boys and Girls Club

This video produced by Nick Beaton was made for The Boys and Girls Clubs of Mason Valley and debuted at the 2013 Youth of the Year Banquet where Daniel “Rudy” Ruettiger was the Keynote Speaker.



Skilled Workers

The community would benefit greatly if Pumpkin Hollow can be developed, including construction and operations jobs. The proposed mine, if developed, would require people in the open pit operations,  underground mining operations,  processing facilities, and management and administrative staff. Skill sets will include engineers, metallurgists, managers, geologists, accountants, human resources specialists, computer systems specialists, safety and security specialists, environmental specialists, surveyors, blasters, heavy equipment operators, transportation specialists, mechanics, welders, electricians, and underground miners. There would also be numerous outside consultants and contractors needed to build, operate and maintain the operation.

Based upon a published study (Nevada Mining Employment Impacts 2014 (Page 123)), for every direct job created by the mining industry, 2.5 total jobs are created for mine projects in Nevada.  The “Integrated Project” described in Nevada Copper’s 2015 Feasibility Study would create 900+ direct jobs, resulting in a total of 2,500 jobs that could be created by development of Pumpkin Hollow. Many “indirect” jobs would be created in the local economy. More  teachers, home-builders, businesses and service providers would be needed to support the workers and families for the project. The project could generate millions of dollars per year in property tax and net proceeds of mine tax revenue that would improve the fiscal position of the state, county and city.  This kind of economic activity has been shown to improve social conditions in other mining communities in Nevada.

Nevada Copper works hard to keep the community informed and up to date on the Pumpkin Hollow Project.

Below is a partial list of contractors and vendors that are supporting Nevada Copper to develop Pumpkin Hollow. The vast majority are Nevada-based companies, or have substantial offices based in Nevada: