Right Place
Beyond Minerals in the Ground


Yerington, Nevada has proven to be a prime spot for the Pumpkin Hollow Copper Project for three main reasons: location, infrastructure and the unique environment. The project is in its advanced development phase. The location of the proposed mine, with both underground and open pit opportunities, is east of Yerington. Beyond those mineral resources, it is located in the community of Yerington, Mason Valley and Lyon County, with a long history of copper mining.

Yerington Nevada


Yerington, a 20-minute drive from Pumpkin Hollow, is located in the fertile Mason Valley. It is a small and friendly town of 3,000 people, give or take a few. Yerington is also conveniently located near two larger cities, Carson City, 60 miles away, and Reno-Sparks, 85 miles away, about a 1 ½ hour drive.

The town was named for H.M. Yerington, a railroad man who never brought the railroad to town, but who was active in mining and politics at the state level. Hunting and fishing are popular here as is a love for the land. There is an available workforce for construction of the mine.

Nevada Copper has not only been conducting exploration drilling  and advanced exploration underground development since acquiring the project, it has also been working closely with local and state governmental organizations to inform and involve the community..  When project financing is secured, this will include initiatives to facilitate local recruitment and workforce training and to assist local people qualify for future jobs.

Yerington is a prime location for the Pumpkin Hollow Nevada Project for several reasons. There are no neighbors on the north, south, and east sides of the mine. The region has very low natural resource values and no land use conflicts. The City of Yerington offers full services and has agreed to provide water and is interested in providing sewer services to the project.

Many local businesses and companies are in a prime position to grow. Yerington is a desirable place to live because it has small town appeal, substantial available housing, school systems and post-secondary education services already in place. The Feasibility Study published by the company estimates that mine development and operation would significantly improve new employment opportunities and tax revenues.

Finally, this particular area has the highest solar potential in northern Nevada, which could provide sustainable development opportunities in the future.

Paved Access, Near to Rail-Lines and International Airport


Infrastructure in the local area is excellent. A railroad is ten miles from the site. There is a local airport, and the Reno-Tahoe International Airport is only 90 minutes away. An existing paved road makes traveling to and from the site easy and accessible. A proposed new access road would connect directly to U.S. Highway 95A, a major north-south route in central Nevada. The electrical power and water are located only several miles from the project. Now that the conveyance of land by the federal government to the City of Yerington and Nevada Copper has been completed,  these components and others — such as sewer treatment facilities, water wells and water pipelines and storage tanks — can be constructed with post-mining land use in mind.  Infrastructure  is essential to enable post-mining sustainable economic development around Pumpkin Hollow now and in the future — long after mining is complete.

Unique Environment

Because the Pumpkin Hollow site is located outside of the Mason Valley, there are no perennial streams or sensitive environmental resources that would be affected by mining. The native vegetation consists of  sparse, salt desert shrub vegetation with a very low carrying capacity for native animals, plants, important native habitat or grazing. This very low productivity habitat is characteristic of hundreds of thousands of acres extending along the mountain ranges of the Mason Valley and throughout the adjacent region. Studies performed by Nevada Copper to date in and around Pumpkin Hollow confirm that there are no sensitive wildlife species, sage grouse habitat.

What does exist is the nearby community of Yerington, with its excellent schools, post secondary education, available land and housing, and available regional labor force.

Pumpkin Hollow Offers a Unique Environment Favorable to Mining

Yerington Land Conveyance

On December 19, 2014, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2015 was passed. Section 3009(a) of the Act authorized the conveyance of 10,060 acres federal lands to the City of Yerington, Nevada.  The City retained 915 acres and transferred 9,145 acres to Nevada Copper for mine and other economic development.




Lyon County Economic Development and Conservation Act