Right Way

Right Way
It's Not Just a Mine

The Pumpkin Hollow Project isn’t just a proposed mine. It has opportunities to support other land uses,  including associated economic and recreational development.  The project is being planned such that it can utilize community resources, new technology, safety, environmental protection and reclamation, and to incorporate planned infrastructure for potential post-mining land uses.


Community Relationship

Right Way

The mine’s relationship with the community is incredibly important. The mine relies on the community for numerous, essential services, and in turn, Nevada Copper intends to make the community a better place. So far, Nevada Copper has made tremendous efforts to help the community, including an education initiative and Boys and Girls Club fundraising events.

Nevada Copper hopes to pull well-qualified workers from the City of Yerington. To support this goal, Nevada Copper has supported several educational activities to support education efforts. These have included sponsoring teachers for educational workshops, sponsoring a mining club, offering internships to high school and college students and offering tours t to high school students .

Ultimately, the collaborative relationship with both the city and county can maximize the economic benefits derived from the proposed mine. In turn, the the proposed mine will maximize the economic benefits to the City of Yerington, Lyon County, and Nevada.

Safety and Technology

truck-1Nevada Copper has established a strong safety program and plans to maintain it by dilligently by following the health and safety codes and regulations outlined by federal and state guidelines. Cutting-edge technology plays an important part in ensuring a safe environment for the mine employees, local community and the environment.

Data processing is just one way Pumpkin Hollow will use technology to ensure things are done the right way. Operations can be run and monitored electronically. GPS will be used to monitor and record the  location of mine haul trucks and assist to guide them to their appropriate destinations.

In addition to worker safety is paramount, Nevada Copper must also focus on the local environment. Millions of dollars have already been spent on environmental studies and tests, such as pump tests, groundwater packer tests, well monitoring and groundwater studies. This data allows Nevada Copper to manage and minimize the extent of the mine’s potential impacts.

Reclamation Plans


Nevada Copper is committed to safe, clean production of copper, and to mining Pumpkin Hollow the right way.

Nevada Copper fulfills government standard requirements to ensure safe, clean water, implement good management and conservation strategies and plan for future land and building use. In fact, reclamation plans began alongside the feasibility studies and will continue throughout the process of construction, stabilization, contouring and vegetation.

Because mining won’t last forever, it is important to have a plan for when production stops. One must ask themselves: What future uses of the land, building and infrastructure are possible after mining is complete? Nevada Copper has considered post-mining land use in it planning.  For example, a proposed new paved road would make future access possible, the buildings can be designed and built with future use in mind. Water, power, and sewer infrastructure can be designed so that they can service other facilities in the vicinity of the proposed mine. All of these actions will work to more easily facilitate future economic development.

Caring for the Environment

MW12-WaterMeasuring20150716rkmCollecting Water Samples

MW18_SamplingMeasuring Groundwater Levels in Monitoring Wells

Doing things the right way has several components, all equally important. When it comes to the environment, Nevada Copper has committed to managing and monitoring the air, water, and land to protect and preserve it as much as possible.

Nevada Copper has developed a water management and conservation strategy that will enable clean production while cutting down on waste. One way to achieve this is by making tailings very amenable to dewatering. Additionally, 85% of water used is recycled. This compares to the conventional slurred tailing pond disposal method, which recycles only 30-50% of the water used. The way Nevada Copper is able to recycle such a high percentage of the water is due to a strategy called “dry stacking”.

The dry stacking method will recover 80-90% of the water used in the process because it reclaims the water from the tailings, the residual material remaining after the ore has been processed and copper, gold and silver are recovered. Pumpkin Hollow will be the first mine in Nevada to remove water from tailings before permanent placement in a safe stable tailing storage facility. Dry stacking will also allow the tailing to be reclaimed in phases during mine operations instead of waiting until the completion of mining.

Public Presentation


Nevada Copper works hard to keep the community informed and up-to-date on the Pumpkin Hollow Project.

Project presentations are currently being updated