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Nevada Copper Pumpkin Hollow Project hosted a Public Presentation on July 22

Pumpkin Hollow Project staff met with the local community on July 22, 2015 at 6 PM in the Pioneer Crossing Convention Center for an update on the progress of the Project and revised feasibility study.  Tim Dyhr, Vice President of Environment & External Relations gave a PowerPoint presentation full of updates and information on the Pumpkin Hollow Project with a Q&A session to an audience of over one hundred (100) people.  Seven (7) station tables were set up with Nevada Copper managers and staff to answer questions regarding; Mining, Engineering & Construction, Procurement, Safety, Environment, Processing and Geology.

Key accomplishments to date include:

  • Completed production headframe and hoist
  • Completed 24-foot diameter production-sized shaft to 1900 feet below ground
  • Developed 500+ feet of underground drift on the 1900 haulage level
  • Commenced underground drilling from two stations on the 1900 level
  • Installed electrical substation, ventilation fans, dewatering pumps and other underground infrastructure in the 1900 level
  • Resumed surface drilling in the two open pit zones of the project
  • Completed the “Integrated Feasibility Study” for open pit and underground mining operations with a single 70,000 ton per day processing facility (concentrator) which included;
  • Added drill results from drilling not included in the previous feasibility studies
  • Added improvements to construction, mining and processing

Tim Dyhr pointed out the tasks and steps the Pumpkin Hollow Project must first complete before production can begin:

  • Finalize the land conveyance and state permitting
  • Secure financing for the project
  • Complete the main production shaft to 2,160 feet below the surface
  • Sink a second ventilation and emergency egress shaft
  • Develop the underground mine access drifts
  • Construct processing facilities
  • Construct water, power and road access, as well as shops and offices
  • Recruit and train a workforce for mining and milling operations
  • Obtain and assemble mine shovels, excavators and haul trucks and other equipment for mining
  • Initiate underground and open pit mining

A Safety Award “shout out” was also announced by Tim Dyhr.

Cementation, USA, Nevada Copper’s underground shaft sinking contractor, tied for first (1st) place in the Nevada Mining Association 2015 Safety Awards in the ‘Safety, Contractors’ category.   Nevada Copper, the Pumpkin Hollow Project also tied for first (1st) place in the Safety Underground Category for mine developments up to 99 employees.



Tim Dyhr, Vice President of Environment and External Relations for Nevada Copper gives an informational updated presentation to the public.


Greg French, Vice President Exploration and Project Development and Project Geologist, Korin Carpenter answer questions about geology and exploration at Pumpkin Hollow.

Greg French, Vice President of Exploration and Project Development and Project Geologist, Korin Carpenter answer questions about geology and exploration at Pumpkin Hollow.

The presentation also highlighted the extensive environmental studies that have been undertaken to design and operate the project in order to meet high environmental standards, as well as the environmental permitting, management and monitoring work that is ongoing to protect surface water and groundwater. Detailed reclamation plans and performance bonding (to ensure the safe and professional closure and reclamation of the mine upon completion of mining) is required before the project can be built.  These plans must be reviewed every three years by the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection.  The Yerington land conveyance, as directed by Congress, will also provide distinct opportunities to convert, rather than demolish, mine facilities such as buildings, power lines, water supply and wastewater treatment, and roads for other economic uses upon completion of mining.


Environmental Specialists Tim Leedy and Mark Hanley conduct groundwater sampling and monitoring seven days a week. Four people are presently employed at Pumpkin Hollow to manage the environmental aspects of the project including a network of 25 monitoring wells.  As the project transitions to production, additional management and monitoring will be conducted on air, water, mine rock, tailings and waste to insure that environmental resources are protected.


Several tons of scrap steel has accumulated in the last couple years here at Pumpkin Hollow.  This is material from miscellaneous fabrication that is not suitable for construction but too good to throw in the scrap container.  Nevada Copper has donated this scrap metal to Yerington High School’s welding class for use by the industrial arts department welding program.  Welding teacher, Cody Neville said inventory of scrap metal was low and Nevada Copper’s donation helped supply for future classes.  The Pumpkin Hollow team is more than happy to help out future welders.



This is one of four trailer loads Nevada Copper donates to the Yerington High School Industrial Arts Welding Program.


Welding teacher, Coach Cody Neville help his students unload Nevada Copper's donation of scrap metal.

Welding teacher, Coach Cody Neville helps his students unload Nevada Copper’s donation of scrap metal.





The philosophy of the welding program is to provide students the opportunity to learn about welding as an occupation and as a possible career choice. This will be accomplished through various types of metal welding, brazing, flame cutting, blueprint reading, electrical principles, welding symbols, mechanical drawing while emphasizing applied academics, leadership, organizational skills and professional development.

Metal fabrication involves cutting, altering and shaping steel or other materials through the use of different tools, techniques and processes. Welding is then used to fuse or join the metals parts together. Fabrication and welding projects can involve simple, basic techniques, or they can be highly specialized and complex. In this welding program, students develop skills in interpreting blueprints; creating the exact shape of a part for cutting, fabrication and welding; and producing quality parts through the use of different techniques and materials. They learn the basic skills necessary to program and operate computer-controlled press brakes and shears, plasma arc cutting machines and micro-processor-based power sources. The emphasis is placed on welding techniques and joining methods.   This program prepares students for jobs such as fabricator, laser operator, welder/press operator or welder.

Many opportunities exist internationally for welding professionals in the mining industry. Professions like that of a fabrication engineer, a professional welder, a boiler maker or a sheet metal worker, all involve a knowledge of welding. The mining industry in particular requires individuals who specialize as welding professionals.

Being a welder involves the construction and repairing of metal products. The class of the welder is directly proportional to the complexity of the tasks performed. For instance, a first class welder will use qualified procedures which determine the welding methods to use, joint preparations, the choice of consumables, level of preheat and nature of any post weld heat treatment. Related professions include that of boiler makers and sheet metal workers who can also follow a career in mining.

More time efficient permitting process to U.S. mining can lead the way to a more secure, prosperous and innovative future.  For more information, please check out these videos and links below.  Thank you.



Here’s another resource on minerals moving America forward –

By Hal Quinn, contributor



On January 9, 2015, Yerington High School had their “College Career Day”.  Nevada Copper shared with the students information on career opportunities, schooling, training and what it takes to work at a mine.  Graduates from mining related subjects are some of the most highly sought after professionals in the country.


YHS Mining Club visits the   Nevada Copper booth.

YHS Mining Club visits the Nevada Copper booth.

Girls love the idea of a "Pink" hardhat.

Girls love the idea of a pink hardhat.


Sophomores, Rachel Naswall, Jamie Parker and Khendra Brown inquiry about engineering careers.

Sophomores, Rachel Naswall, Jamie Parker and Khendra Brown inquire about mine engineering careers.  All three students showed interest in Chemical Engineering/Metallurgy.  Below is a description of what a metallurgy career consists of.

Metallurgists work at mineral processing sites and may specialize in either primary (extractive) or secondary (physical) metallurgy. Primary metallurgists are most often employed by the minerals industry and they may perform the following tasks:

  • Study and apply physical methods for separating minerals from their ores using magnetic, electric, gravity or chemical methods;
  • Apply methods for extracting commercial quantities of minerals from their ores;
  • Supervise sampling from various stages of processing;
  • Advise operators on changes necessary to improve the process;
  • Improve process methods;
  • Develop and control methods of storing and treating waste material, and
  • Prepare technical reports.

Process Engineers transform low value, impure raw materials into commercially valuable products. The main sources of these raw materials are low grade minerals, by-products of other processing operations and recycled materials. Minerals process engineers are employed in all stages of raw materials processing and, in the minerals industry, may perform the following tasks:

  • Process design and development;
  • Process control and management;
  • Pure and applied research;
  • Study and apply chemical and process metallurgy techniques;
  • Coordinate recovery of samples for laboratory analysis and testing;
  • Choose and operate a combination of treatments to produce the deired quality of products at optimum efficiency; and
  • Prepare cost budgets of operations to evaluate economic feasibility of processes.

Metallurgy/Processing typically suits someone who likes chemistry, maths and physics and is interested in engineering and science, has an aptitude for computing and design and has good problem solving skills. Metallurgists and Process Engineers need to be able to work as part of a team as well as independently. Good oral and written communication skills are also valued.

Requires the completion of an engineering degree at a University. 

Reno Gazette Journal’s Ray Hagar, ranked passage of Nevada’s Land Bill his number two top story in 2014. To see the full article visit Reno Gazette Journal or click here. The Nevada Lands Bill highlight is below.


Nevada Copper ends this year with a jump start for 2015!

2. Massive Nevada land bills pass Congress: A collection of eight land bills that transfers 130,000 acres of federal land in Nevada to local control passed Congress after languishing in Washington for more than five years. A main part of this bill will transfer 10,400 acres of BLM land near Yerington to local control. It will jump-start Nevada Copper’s open-pit copper mining, leading to the creation of more than 3,000 direct and ancillary jobs in Northern Nevada. These bills probably would have never passed the U.S. Senate but Reid and Sen. Dean Heller, R-Nev., tied them to the Department of Defense appropriations bill. Copper, it was argued, is the second most-used metal in defense projects and Yerington is sitting on a ton of it. Plus the land transfers aids expansions of Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas and the Naval Air Station near Fallon.


 Please read the full article here



BELIEVE IT!  Corner of Main Street & Goldfield Avenue, Yerington, Nevada

Corner of Main Street & Goldfield Avenue, Yerington, Nevada








Congratulations Yerington!  Nevada Copper

Congratulations Yerington! Nevada Copper














Please read the Mason Valley News article by Keith Trout, ktrout@masonvalleynews.com Wednesday, December 17, 2014  –   MVN-LongRoad-LandBillApproved20141217KTrout

Silver Stage High School students visit the Nevada Copper, Pumpkin Hollow Mine Project's booth on their 2014 College/Career Day.

Silver Stage High School students visit the Nevada Copper, Pumpkin Hollow Mine Project’s booth on their 2014 College/Career Day.   Thank you Silver Stage students for your interest in Nevada Copper and the many great questions asked.

Silver Stage High School student checks out a sample of copper ore with a magnifying rock & mineral glass.

Silver Stage High School student checks out a sample of copper ore with a rock & mineral magnifying glass.

Next College/Career Day?  At Yerington High School, January 9, 2015.



Dayton High School student visit the Nevada Copper booth at the College Career day.

Over 60 Dayton High School students visit the Nevada Copper booth at the College Career day.

A variety of representatives and professionals came to Dayton High School on November 7, 2014 in support of the College/Career Day.  Representatives from colleges and tech schools, as well as military personnel, cosmetologist, government program workers and a mining representative were there to give the students the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their educational and career opportunities. “It is a great program to be able to show the students what types of careers they might want to think about, and how to get the education or training those jobs require” said Rita Menesini, Nevada Copper’s Community Relations Coordinator.

Nevada Copper's Community Relations Coordinator ready to discuss the career opportunities working at the Pumpkin Hollow Mine Project and other Mines.

Nevada Copper’s Community Relations Coordinator, Rita Kay Menesini getting ready to discuss the career opportunities the Pumpkin Hollow Mine Project and other Mines have to offer.


MaryKaye Cashman, chairman and CEO of Cashman Equipment, received an award for her company’s new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) corporate headquarters on St. Rose Parkway, Henderson, Nevada.

Cashman Equipment Company…
Founded in 1931 by James “Big Jim” Cashman, Cashman Equipment is one of the highest rated Caterpillar equipment dealers in North America. A full service dealership, Cashman provides new and used equipment for sale and rental, as well as high-quality parts and service to construction, paving, mining, truck engine, and power system industries throughout Nevada and parts of California. With LEED certified corporate headquarters in Henderson, Nevada, Cashman is one of the largest privately-owned employers in the state. For more information, visit

Rita Kay Menesini, Nevada Copper’s Community Relations Coordinator stands next to Cashman’s CAT “Remann & Bolt”. The welders built Remann and Bolt for Opportunity Village’s Magical Forest. http://www.opportunityvillage.org/




The maintenance and mechanic shop shows its strong commitment to sustainability


Thank you Silvia Ortiz, Cashman’s PHR-Recruiter, for the wonderful and most impressive tour of Cashman-Cat’s awesome facility!!

Cashman Equipment's Recruiter, Silvia Ortiz

Cashman Equipment’s Recruiter, Silvia Ortiz