The Helping Hands Award Goes to Timothy Dyhr

Timothy Dyhr, vice president of Environment and External Relations for Nevada Copper received the Helping Hands Award for his contribution to the Boys & Girls Club.  His outstanding contribution to the community was awarded over a ceremonial dinner on January 28th, 2012.

Travis Crowder, the chief Professional Officer for the Boys & Girls Club in Mason Valley presented the award over a cerimonial dinner.  Tim Dyhr’s involvement has been a long time coming.  In the beginning, Tim approached the club and asked if he could do a presentation to the young people on the Pumpkin Hollow project.  Needless to say, attracting teens to such a topic at that time wasn’t nearly as well recieved as it would be later that year.

Travis Crowder, the Chief Professional Officer for the Boys & Girls Club said, “Nevada Copper and of course Tim have quickly become a part of our community and our community’s future and our future looks bright!”

Several years ago Tim called Travis on the phone and proposed an idea. The idea was simple, instead of making a donation to the Club, why not sponsor an intimate indoor concert in the fall that would showcase some of Yerington’s local talent.  Nevada Copper would take the lead and be the title sponsor and through their various vendors and friends in the business the idea worked and the rest was history.

A few months later the Bellamy Brothers put on a terrific show and was enjoyed by hundreds of community friends and neighbors.  Now the “We Dig Mining” concert is an annual event and the Boys & Girls Club wanted to thank Nevada Copper and Tim Dyhr for all their hard work and support for the youth!

As the award ceremony came to a close, Travis Crowder added, “I would also like to go on record that I personally admire Tim’s tenacity and drive for not only his employers but for his employees as well.  Tim is always deflecting attention from himself and consistently giving credit to those around him and in a time where many people take credit for what others do, it is refreshing to see Tim sharing the success with those around him!  I would also like to recognize that Tim has just recently joined our Board of Directors and we are thrilled to welcome him into our family!!!”

Way to go Tim!


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